Free Hunity Events NFTs

Send us your Twitter User and your ETH Public Address using the form(s) below and we will send you (while NFTs last) a FREE copy of the Event NTF.

OPTIONAL: If you want to support Crypto Hunity, make an offer for the Event NFT (we do not sell these NFTs but the other owners do), we will accept the offer no matter the amount. View the Official Hunity Events collections here (careful with the copycats)

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Albinism Awareness Day - June 13

150 NFTs (75 of Each) - Application Closed

Princess Leia - May 4

18 of 327 NFTs available

Princess Leia - May 4, 2022

Bee Day - May 20

66 NFTs - Application Closed

Bee Day on OpenSea

Earth Day - April 22

100 NFTs - Application Closed

Earth Day on OpenSea
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