We all Humans
We all Unique

NFT Multi-Collection to promote diversity, inclusion & accessibility in the metaverse.
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About Crypto Hunity

Crypto Hunity (Humanity + Unity) is an NFT multi-collection project that promotes diversity, inclusion & accessibility in the metaverse. 

The primary collection "Hunity" contains 11,111 unique NFTs in the Ethereum blockchain and has been generated from over 400 3D elements, including accessories requested by the community.

Every NFT sold will contribute to raising funds for those most in need. 

Mint a Hunity and you will:

- Give a piece of humanity
- Get access to future collections, mobile videogame, and events
- Get the commercial rights of your Hunity
- A great avatar
- And other surprises to come...

Diversity & Inclusion

In the Hunity collection you will find people with the following conditions:


Visual Impairment

Hard of Hearing



Down Syndrome


Color Blindness



Accessories Rarity

Each Hunity is unique and has its personality, some of them choose extravagant clothes and accessories, while others are more conservative. Some Hunity are at work, at home, doing cosplay, disguised, chilling with their pet, etc.

Common - 42%


UnCommon - 27%


Rare - 12%


SuperRare - 9%


UltraRare - 6%


Epic - 3%


Legendary - 0.9%


Exotic - 0.1%


Concept and Design 3D Icon

Concept & Design

Time invested in analyzing, brainstorming, executing, polishing, getting feedback, and testing the collection Quality over quantity
Hunity Collection 3D-Icon

Hunity Collection

11,111 unique NFTs generated from over 400 3D elements
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Pre-Sale spots and Hunity giveaways on Twitter and Discord
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White List

With a White List spot, you will get early minting and FREE MINT (Gas fee Only) (Updated from 0.03 ETH)
Date: TBD
Sale 3D Icon

Hunity Minting

Minting Price: 0.01 ETH (+Gas fee) (Updated from 0.05 ETH)
Royalty: 10%
OpenSea Fee: 2.5%
Date: TBD
3D Printing

3D Printing

If you mint a Hunity with Accessories Rarity Legendary or Exotic you will be able to request for free an STL file to 3D print your Hunity
Charity 3D Icon


Each NFT sold will contribute to charity or personal donation, the percentage varies depending on the collection, but it will never be less than 10%
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50% Sold Out

Merch Store will be open. Some merch will be donated and giveaway
ETH Giveaway 3D Icon

75% Sold Out

5 ETH Giveaway
Future 3D Icon


Announcement of a new collection completely free (Gas Only). New secondary collections, events, and other surprises will be revealed soon!

After 100% Sold Out

Custom Hunity Collection

Custom Hunity Request

-If you mint 5 to 9 Hunity you can request a Custom Hunity.
-If you mint 10 to 15 Hunity you can request a Custom Hunity with Full Body.
-If you mint 15 Hunity or more you can request a Custom Hunity with Full Body and Animated.

The donations from this collection will be designated to an institution picked by YOU.

This collection will be extremely limited and will not be randomly generated.
Baby Hunity

Baby Hunity

With 2 Hunity in your wallet, you will be able to adopt (mint) a Baby Hunity.

The donations from this collection will be designated to children's institutions.

Hunity Mobile Videogame

The Hunity Mobile Videogame will be developed and you will be able to use your Hunity as a player, other surprises will be revealed about this videogame.

Real Life Hunity

Real Life Hunity is a collection on Foundation where each NFT illustrates a real person. The goal of each piece is to support financially or provide supplies to the person that is being represented. 
Woman in Wheelchair

Real Life Hunity #1 - Inés

Inés is a Cuban architect who has spinal cord damage. Even after surgery in 2012, she suffers from daily pain and cannot walk. Her current wheelchair is falling apart, and she lacks medicines.
View on Foundation
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Real Life Hunity #2

Coming Soon!
View on Foundation
Hunity Logo H Circle

Real Life Hunity #3

Coming Soon!
View on Foundation

Who We Are

We are a team that enjoys working on Web 3.0 projects, 3D Art, Product Design, and UX/UI. Independently we have worked with Nightwish, Warner Music, The National Museum of Finland, and Finnair Airline. 

We will love to collaborate with other NFT projects. 

If you have any questions or insights please do not hesitate to reach out to one of us on Discord.
Emerson Rosa

Emerson Rosa

Jorge Reyes

Alex Garcia

Alfonso Escalona

Alfonso Escalona

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